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Community life

There has never been a greater urgency to offer practical and spiritual support. During his time on earth Jesus provided help to those in need, both physically and emotionally. We passionately believe love needs to be active and try to follow Jesus’s example as closely as we can in our communities, locally and online.

Join our team and volunteer to help

If you have a kind heart and want to help, the world needs you more than ever. We are committed at Maidenhead to continue to develop links with our community, and be a safe and welcoming place for people to come. We are keen to welcome fresh minds and new skills, support those in need or simply to share a coffee and a chat with no expectation.

Help us spread love

We are a church of ordinary people with all kinds of jobs, families, and problems yet we have an extraordinary mission and that is to shine God’s light on the world, build stronger communities, support people in need and trust that good things will come. The world has become a scarier place and there has never been a better time to reach out and a better time to connect. People are facing many struggles but together, in love and kindness, we can make it a better place.

Do you need help?

We are open to ideas of ways that we can help locally, whether it is volunteering for projects in the community, hiring out our facilities for group sessions or for a recycling drop-off point, making phone calls to people experiencing loneliness, offering resources for worthy causes, or just be available as a listening ear. If you need help, if you have any suggestions, we would love for you to get in touch.

Local options


Operation Christmas Child

Homeless shelter

International options

Helping Iranian refugees


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‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

(Matthew 22:39)


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