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Welcome to our key beliefs page

We are a local church in Maidenhead and part of the world-wide Christadelphian Community. Our principles and beliefs are based on the Holy Bible, an inspired guidebook for life and hope.

Our principles

We believe that God is the Almighty Creator and He wants a relationship with each of us. This is amazing given His position in the universe.

Whilst we humans fall short of His expectations, He made it possible for His only son Jesus to give his life completely and ‘covered’ our short-comings; because of this we can be restored, transformed even.   This is extraordinary news.

Because Jesus was perfect, God raised him from the dead and he now lives with God, immortal, overseeing God’s purpose on earth, and through people from every walk of life.

We look forward to the time when Jesus comes back and sets up his Kingdom on earth. This will be a great time as Jesus makes the world an eternally better place, not least for those who welcome His invitation and want to be part of it.

When Jesus does return, all those people who died and wanted to be in his Kingdom will be raised from the dead to share in this amazing experience.

In practice

We believe our role as Christians today is to try and be the ‘best versions of ourselves’ and be more like Jesus. Unfortunately, we fall short, but Jesus is near to help us.  We also gain a lot of encouragement and guiding principles for life in the Bible, in learning from others and actively helping in the community.

We have an opportunity to share this incredible message with as many people as we can and with the help of people who have a similar outlook yet rich diversity of talent and perspective – His church, a world-wide community.

It is our belief that the purpose of church is to help people form a personal relationship with Jesus and God, with help from other like-minded Christians.

As adults, we show our commitment to God via the symbolic act of baptism. Through Jesus’ example and other renowned teachers throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to meet regularly to strengthen our relationships with Him and our God, this we do by also sharing the symbols of bread and wine regularly with fellow believers.

We are a volunteer community with no paid ministry enabling each member of our church to be actively involved e.g. praying, teaching, leading worship, running events.

We hope this gives you an insight into our overall direction. If you would like to find out more please see Contact us or email us at  We’d love to hear from you!


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