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Welcome to our Teens Bible Study Group - 10:30 AM every Sunday

We believe that this age group is very inquisitive, challenging and want straight answers. It is a pleasure to hear their points of view and discuss with them how Jesus and God are a reality in their lives. If any teenager would like to join us please drop in, we encourage a really open, non-judgemental and welcoming environment.

A variety of subjects are covered which are both contemporary and biblical. The purpose of the sessions is to provide young teenagers with a view of Jesus and God which is relevant to their everyday lives. The age range is typically 14+ and the sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour.  If you’d like more information please drop us a line here


There has never been a greater urgency to offer practical and spiritual support. We’re switched on to real issues…



How can we thank God for what He has done in our life instead of what He hasn’t done. Worship is transformative …



The transformative power of prayer is God wanting a relationship with you and any good relationship thrives on communication…



Why is the Bible relevant & exciting today? The Bible is still the bestselling book of all time…



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