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Welcome to our Sunday service - 10:30 AM every week

Everyone is welcome to join us – we find it so valuable to meet together in reflection and worship, and enjoy a spirit of encouragement.  For those who are baptised it is also a time to remember our Lord through the symbols of bread and wine.   The service typically lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We now have people joining from local, national and overseas every week on Sunday service.  When social distancing restrictions allow, God willing we will be meeting more regularly at our church hall in York Road Maidenhead where we would love to see you. However, you can also still join us online as our services will continue to be streamed.


There has never been a greater urgency to offer practical and spiritual support. We’re switched on to real issues…



How can we thank God for what He has done in our life instead of what He hasn’t done. Worship is transformative …



The transformative power of prayer is God wanting a relationship with you and any good relationship thrives on communication…



Why is the Bible relevant & exciting today? The Bible is still the bestselling book of all time…



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