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Why is the Bible relevant and exciting today?

The Bible is still the bestselling book of all time but is also the most rewarding book ever.  We get to know God’s character and how much he loves us through his son Jesus.  And it’s love that encourages us to talk about tricky stuff that affects us right now, and that might have been avoided as too ‘difficult’ in the past.

Big issues make for big conversations

We believe that understanding how to read and interpret the Bible changes everything and challenges all those assumptions we may have lazily made in the past.  We’re not saying it’s easy, which is why the journey of learning never ends.  Join our Bible class to explore more.

Something for everyone

Whether it’s drawing a picture at toddler’s group, hearing a fantastic Bible story in Sunday school, talking about everyday pressures for the teenage groups, tea & chat for informal chats, or uplifting talks on Sunday mornings, learning is fun, rewarding, and wonderful.  Check out what’s on.

God communicates with us through the Bible

When you’re motivated to get to know someone (and let’s face it, there is no greater prize than eternal life), learning how they tick is fascinating. The Bible is God’s way of communicating with us. And how we get to know God, through Jesus’s character.

What is the big plan in the Bible?

The Bible is split into two sections:

The Old Testament

is the Backdrop for God’s eternal plan. In it we find God attempting again and again to offer peace, security, and everlasting life to his chosen people, the nation of Israel, the Jews.  But time and again, they reject him as their king and their god.

The New Testament

is God’s ultimate plan to reach all people and nationalities, when he sends his own son, Jesus to bring us all the message of good news. But we have the ultimate rejection as Jesus is killed. And this is where God shows us once and for all just how far he is prepared to go to save us, when he brings Jesus back from the dead, and promises that Jesus is now the first of any of us to live forever.

How should we respond?

To build a personal relationship with Jesus. The only way we can have a relationship with someone is to know them. Here is the opportunity to learn and get to know the character and personality of God through Jesus. Instead of telling people how to live their lives in the Old Testament, God shows us in the New Testament through the living example of his son.  Why not check us out on Sundays?

‘Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.’
(John 17:3)


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